Our Mediation Services


Selected arbitrators and other mediators are trusted experts with an excellent success rate in achieving mediation settlements. We offer standard mediation services and will also customize a mediation to suit the parties.

  • Mediation with a former judge, experienced practitioner, professor, or other legal expert

  • Custom management to track complex and multi-party mediation

  • Stand-by Mediators in arbitrations where early settlement may be an option




Mediation Services include:

  • A roster of mediators with former judges from various jurisdictions

  • Appropriate and effective neutral mediator with technology knowledge or subject matter expertise who is a strong facilitator focused on finding a consensus

  • Pre-mediation conference call with mediator and counsel to identify key issues, document exchanges, and other procedures

  • Logging and tracking documents

  • Administrative support to ensure smooth and timely scheduling and communication

  • Mediator follow-up, if needed or useful, to achieve settlement


APAC Arbitration Center is a cross-border international arbitration center focused on disputes between English-speaking and Chinese-speaking companies of the world.  Headquartered in San Jose, the Capital of Silicon Valley, the Center features operation support centers in Asia, including India and China.

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